Gemstone Quilts

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Creating Fire & Brilliance in Fabric, Step by Step

作者:MJ Kinman

寶石拼布Gemstone Quilt 在拼布界已經流傳一陣子, 不得不佩服作者MJ Kinman 的創意.
看似不知道從何下手和設計的困難作品, 在本書中都有了解答. 

這本書內容除了包含MJ的色彩教學, 構圖方式, 作品欣賞之外. 她更為我們讀者設計了長達40頁的手把手教學, 一步一步帶著你往前走, 讓有心想學習的拼布人, 不會看了書又無法開始, 這是她貼心的地方.  

如果你對這種寶石拼布充滿好奇, 想一窺究竟並嘗試一下, 那你可以透過這本書來學習, 並且也可以把這種方式延伸, 做出自己的設計.  有一位MJ的學生, 就設計了一個恐龍壁飾, 很有趣吧!(作品也收納在這本書裡)

Piece dazzling diamond and gorgeous gemstone quilts

Add dimension and luminosity to your quilts with gorgeous gemstone piecing! Learn the basics of abstraction and color theory as you piece stunning works of art with gem quilt expert MJ Kinman. After years of perfecting her technique, Kinman explains freezer paper piecing in brilliant detail with jewel quilting ideas to help you express your own creativity. Get helpful advice on fabric selection and quilting patterns to illuminate each cut. A sample gem quilt pattern helps you practice as you follow along step by step. Then find your own muse and bring any gemstone to life in exquisite detail. Just as gems can sparkle and glow in a million different ways, you’ll be inspired by the author’s work and a gallery of student quilts to help you let go of perfection and embrace the chaos of color and light.

  • Shine on! Learn to create freezer-paper patterns for your own gemstone quilts
  • Build skills as you sew a sample diamond quilt top, with step-by-step instructions
  • See a gallery of ground-breaking jewel quilts from the author and her students